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Plunged no longer mainstream Apple iphone4 price stability

(Zhongguancun online phone channel trading reported) May 11, 2011, black 16GB Apple iPhone 4 (licensed importers) in businesses "Zhongguancun specials phone network" latest arrival, businesses to out of quotes for 4,850 Yuan, recently price comparison gentle, accessories has: charger, and headset, and data line,. Apple iPhone 4 is a paragraph sentiment very high of super thin smart phone. figure for Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 4 used has super thin of bar touch controlled design , Fuselage thickness only has 9.3 mm, fuselage are negative cover has two block glass panel, side around has a ring anode alumina, machine looks is of fashion, and avant-garde, its has a 3.5 inches IPS touch controlled screen, also joined has Retina displayed technology, screen effect is of excellent, built-in APP Store software shop, has hundreds of thousands of a free software resources, 5 million pixel camera used has back according to type CMOS photographic components, Image quality much more fine than the average 5 million pixel camera. iPhone 4 Apple Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) main material IPS screen size 3.5 inches main screen the main screen resolution of 640x960 pixels network model iOS 4CPU model GSM,WCDMA operating systems Apple 16GBGPS navigation A4CPU 1024MHz free space to support 5 million pixel auto focus camera pixels video shooting 720p (1280x720,30 frame/ seconds) video recording formats such as video playback supports MP4/3GP/AVC/AVI/MPEG-4 WIFI Bluetooth transfer Bluetooth 2.1 EDRWLAN function headphone jack 3.5mm price of]4850 Yuan (votes)[ sales merchant] special offer mobile-phone]13810679102[ stores[ businesses address, Zhongguancun], Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun, sitong building, Room 7-703 (hailongnan 20 m)※ Above phone quotes are for actual purchased price, if you found this in the of dealer to out of quotes and text in the inconsistent, please pulling playing complaints phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone for complaints phone, almost not accept products price Advisory) because phone price exists fluctuations, therefore complaints accepted period for since articles publishing of day up of 7 days within. ※ Please you in and businesses contact purchased Shi mentioned trading sources is Zhongguancun online, This can be reported in accordance with market prices to mobile phones. Furthermore, aware of the business name and address when buying, in the event of disputes, facilitate the coordination process. investigation on the knowledge of small chips

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Double camera QVGA screen NTT five 3G strong machine Qi

Read the full text on this page (total 2 pages) 3G owned by NTT DoCoMo company today has once again grown its own mobile phone product line, this debut is 701i family. According to the statement describes, this series of products are all "i-channel" feature--user can wireless access to the Internet via the built-in menu, easy to customize your own interests, such as news, weather, Entertainment reported, rich content. to guarantee these information of timeliness, moved operators also guarantee will at least each isolation 2 hours update once. and this all of costs also is not is high, just 120 Yen monthly. following we also is together to understanding about 701i family of five paragraph new members are body arms what stunt 's. we first to for we describes of this paragraph products model for DOLCE, Made of leather of the shell so that it looks more refined. this product adopts the current top-level 2.4 inches 260,000 colors QVGA (320*240) resolution screen within the ASV, the outer screen is slightly weak, just 0.6 inches 72*12 pixel STN monochrome texture. primary photo first 1.23 million effective pixels, attached photo is 100,000 pixel CMOS material. support miniSD card expansion. body measurements are 109*52*26mm, Weight 129 grams. continuous talk time up to 130 minutes, video call can only insist on 80 minutes. figure brings to DOLCE and then SA701iS. the machine adopts the 2.2-inch 65,536-color QVGA-resolution TFT screen 320*240 level, the outer screen is more fashionable 0.9-inch 96* 64 pixel OLED materials. main camera head only 1 million effective pixels, camera head is 100,000 pixels of the CCD materials. support miniSD card expansion. body measurements are 101*50*24mm, weight 117 gram. continuous talk time up to 140 minutes, video call only for 90 minutes. SA701iS

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Samsung music phone drop 70 million pixels brush history

On July 18, 2006, Samsung SGH-E738 di ICT online shop latest offer for 2,580 Yuan, compared to the last price drop of 2,650 Yuan 70. the machine in addition to built a 1.3 million pixel camera, the music quality is also better. photo: Samsung SGH-E738 phone Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (July 18, 2006) latest price 2,580 specifications model Samsung SGH-E738 network frequencies GSM /GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz; size 87x44x23 mm weight 88 g 1.8-inch 260,000 color TFT screen parameters in the material at a resolution of 176x220 pixels; 65536 color OLED screen parameters outside the material at a resolution of 80x64 pixels; polyphonic ringtones 64 chords; support for MP3 music and recorded audio file as the Ringing tone; recording limited to memory, Extra long recording time, up to a maximum of 1 hour call picture recognition support Chinese input T9 input method ; 20 bulk SMS bulk SMS supported; phone contacts business card design, support 1000 x12; hands-free call support built-in game 3; Forgotten Warrior, Republic Freekick, Arch Angel; 86MB;Java extended memory capacity to support Java MIDP 2; camera pixel 1.3 million pixel; camera description CMOS sensor; built-in Flash; 4 times times digital zoom; ± 3 level bright degrees regulation; photos resolution 6 species size select, Supreme resolution can reached 1280x1024 pixel; built-in like box support; camera description CMOS; built-in Flash; photos resolution support shooting maximum resolution 1280x960 pixel of photos; built-in like box multiple phase box select; shooting mode normal shooting, and continuous fast shot, and matrix shooting ; Photos effects support; video shooting support audio video shooting; video resolution Supreme support 176x144 resolution of audio video video; MP3 play Manager built-in beats by dre studio pas cher; external MP3 play control key, without opened screen, will can manipulation freely beats by dre pro pas cher; radio built-in; FM radio features, can through automatically FM, manually FM 2 species way regulation channel, can since defined named up to 30 a channel; Bluetooth interface support; data line interface support USB 1.1, USB transfer cable, P50 and computer synchronization, efficient management of calendar, contacts, mail, and files at the same time for data backup, rapid increases in efficiency of data management; WAP browser supports WAP2; currency conversion support alarm support calculators support Notepad supports electronic dictionaries support; reference price for Samsung SGH-E738[ model][ brand] 2,580 (quote: 2006.07.18) sales [ business] [ di ICT mobile Mall shop link] Tel] 010-68733806 [ businesses, 68,733,816 (Tel) [ shop address emerging Hotel 3, West third ring road] 17th floor B357 phone: 010-68130086 (pick up phone)

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2.2-inch 260,000 colors QVGA screen children's m

Japan's NTT DoCoMo in Beijing last week dopod, the company announced that they will launch a 3G mobile phone specifically designed for children--FOMA SA800i. functions and configuration of the product design ideas is to follow how to involve children in times of crisis to protect themselves, not only simple, easy, and it's like cocoon round shape can also enable children to put it down. However surprising that, NTT DoCoMo to this product is equipped with a 2.2-inch 260 casque monster beats,000 color QVGA TFT screen, children are the most luxurious phones. figure for the NTT DoCoMo company kids phone FOMA SA800i FOMA SA800i with alarm, once a child encounters dangerous just tap on the button, Up to 100 DB of alarm tone on will quickly to from speaker in the outgoing. While, system also will automatically began dial advance set good of 3 a phone number. If each other busy or is not connected, FOMA SA800i will will has been dial continue, until each other confirmed. in addition, to prevent naughty of children uses this features funny, each other also can uses sent password of way will this alarm features temporarily close. figure for NTT DoCoMo company of children phone FOMA SA800i Due to FOMA SA800i is a paragraph 3G phone, therefore NTT DoCoMo company also deliberately for it embedded has a name for "imadoco search" of features. has has it, large people of phone on will constantly receives to report children specific physical location of e-mail, even is children of phone has because power exhausted and closed machine. report location of time interval is divided into 15, and 30 and 60 minutes three document, user can according to own of situation select. figure for NTT DoCoMo's kids phone FOMA SA800i body measurements: 97*50*27mm; weight: 123 g; continuous talk time: 350 minutes; theory of standby time: 140 hours; screen parameter: the Visual area of 260,000 colors QVGA of 2.2 inches (240*320) resolution TFT material; primary photo first parameter: 300,000 pixels photo CMOS; head parameters: 100,000 pixel CMOS.

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Motorcycle photon q LTE 4.3 inch exposure sidesli

    recent foreign media at the FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission) seeing Motorola latest models on the site Photon Q LTE design. knew from exposure information, iPhone LTE Band band 25 casque monster powerbeats,LTE the network signal is provided Sprint. FCC exposure on Motorola Photon Q LTE layout&#160% 3B Motorola Photon Q LTE exposed    this Photon Q LTE phone is Motorola Droid in the series section monster beats by dre solo philips, phone model as XT897. uses the sliding QWERTY keyboard design, equipped with 4.3-inch touch screen, as well as with NFC capabilities. specific details of the other there is no more news.

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